About Spare Threads

​​​​I have always loved helping people. I found quilting in the past few years and not that it particulary helps anyone, but it gives the person who purchases a quilt something — something tangiable that you will grow to love. It gives comfort. If you've never had a quilt, it is an experience I, as an adult, have learned to appreciate. There is something so comforting to having a quilt to cuddle in. It is so nice to have to watch TV, cuddle under to read a book or if I just don't feel good, curl up and get all warm and snuggly and drift off to sleep.

Why quilts you might ask. Well, that's a good question. I never thought, someday I want to be a quilter. I tried a lot of crafts over the years, crochet, knitting, aromatherapy, homeopathic products, nothing ever really stuck. Yes, I dabble in some of those still, but when I started quilting, there was a love, a passion. I can't get enough of it. It fulfills my need to create. It allows me the love of colors and design which I've had since I was a teen. Now, all the pieces fit together. 

I started quilting in January 2014, since then I've made so  many quilts I can't even count them. I've learned a lot along the way and I'm always watching tutorials and reading to improve my skills.

To to add to my quilting skills, I purchased a long arm. I've quilted many, many quilts and I'm now open to do longarm quilting for others. 

I love to work with people to achieve their goals and help other novice and experienced quilters complete their quilt tops into something a loved one can cherish! 
I remember as a little girl loving to curl up in my grandmother's quilt to watch TV. I still have my grandmother's quilt she and a neighbor made, likely in the 1930s. It's old and tattered, but has had a lot of love. It has my grandmother's sewing signature, as well as some of her children and the neighbors too. Not all of my grandmother's children got their names on the quilt, but it's still very special.​​​​​​​​

Fast forward to my current life. Sometime after both my parents passed away in 2011, I was needing something to do, to fulfill my love of making things. I had registered online for a book, Sunday Morning Quilts. My son bought that book for me Christmas 2013. As I was reading through it, I thought, I wonder if I can find a class online? Well, I did! And I was immediately hooked! As I watched the online class, I thought do I have any material? YES! I do! I ran down to my little room and started stitching the tutorial quilt together. I think it was a four patch.

Since then, I've purchased lots of quality quilting materials and made many quilts for my husband, family and friends. I quickly outgrew my little 9 foot by 10 foot room. My husband added onto our house so I could have a larger room. He finished the project (with some of my help) in Fall of 2015. I've moved into my room and now, I'm a long arm quilter!

I'm selling my quilts filled with love, hopes and snuggles. Quilts quickly become something you will love and will crave for comfort. The more you use a quilt the softer and cuddlier they become. I bet you can't wait to have one!

I'd love to help you find exactly the quilt you need.